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Matthew Swift

I've been taking classes at Michigan Actors' Studio for ~2 years, and every class has been an amazing experience. As things have been forced online during the pandemic, I've taken online Voice Over classes (I and II) with Wayne David Parker (Daba) and it's been a great experience. Daba's a great teacher and the online format has worked well for VO classes. I've learned to use my voice much better and have had a lot of fun. I've also started submitting for paid VO work.

Scene study classes with Kate Peckham Korte are phenomenal. Kate does such a good job creating a fun, safe space and getting the best out of everyone in class. I can't wait for Advanced Scene Study to start back up!

Erin Layton

Over the past two years my mom has pushed and pushed for me to take a voice over class due to my knack of character voices. I've done radio dramas before, but never truly had proper training. Since Covid, getting laid off, and all other outlets stripped, I bit the bullet and signed up for VO1.

It was great having it be in the comfort of my own home as the class was virtual, and I could record on my own time. This class was interesting, starting off with simple comercials, but a challenge for me as I'm used to using character voices, and not just my regular tones. The class was super supportive, and Daba the instructor was helpful with tips on what to do better, and raves about what we did great. I had such a great time that I signed up for VO2, which was what I was looking forward to--Audibooks.

VO2 was even better, with longer and more challening scripts, I felt that I was able to truly grow as a voice over actor, but sad that they didnt have VO3. Until they shared the news!

By popular demand, VO3 is now available, where we're going to be working on character voices, accents and dialects, and more audiobook scripts (I've been leaping for joy since I got the notification as this is what I was hoping to really learn and expand on since I've started).

If you've thought about exploring a new aspect of yourself, or learning a new skill, or even wanting to try something fun and different--Michigan Actors Studio is the place to go. Daba is the best teacher with professional experience, and is phenominal regarding support, advice, and takes time out of his day to listen to anything you'll send him. The Voice Over classes are a place where you can be yourself, for yourself, and with other people that are like yourself. Try it! You won't regret it.

Robin Spiller

I loved taking acting class there because the instructor was very nice and professional. Also, the class size wasn't very big so everyone got ample attention.

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