About Our Classes

About Our Classes

We believe that learning to act is an individual journey and we meet people right where they are. We love to be the very first experience someone has with acting training! Our Introduction classes give a solid foundation for skill building and are perfect for those who are just starting out in acting or in our program. No experience is required. The Introduction courses are a prerequisite for entry into our Mastery Core Program.

The mastery classes are really the heart of our program; they’re where the magic happens. Once you’ve gotten a strong foundation and practical understanding of what the process of acting entails, Mastery classes provide the opportunity to apply those skills. All Mastery classes are ongoing which means they are meant to be taken more than once. Students return for multiple sessions to continue building their skills and receive more challenging material each time that is tailored to their needs and goals. The class is built around the students who are in it, so it is never the same class twice.

Get ready to begin your journey in our supportive and welcoming environment. 

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